Friday, August 13, 2010

Online Dating Tips

So friends i hope you read my previous tips relating to Dating Tips for Men and Dating Tips for Women. Now I will like to list some tips for Online Dating.
Online Dating can be very risky at times if you don't take proper care. There are some basic tips to be followed:

1. Email Account
Do not use your personal account for online dating. create a separate free email account with gmail, yahoo or hotmail. Do not use personal information while creating the account, this will prevent other person from getting your details online.

2. Avoid Lies
Don't lie about yourself. Lies can be in form of Old Photo, lying about age, lying about relationship status and many other lies. You should be truthful about yourself this will help you a lot in building trust and respect from the other person.

3. Avoid Married People
It shocking but still married people are involved in online dating. So try to avoid such people as they are only for having fun and not serious relationship. As they have there own family but just want to do time pass. Online dating can be more enjoyable if done with singles.

4. Mobile Number
Till you don't know the person perfectly or closely never share your home number with them. If necessary give cell phone number or use anonymous number for talking. you can also use online chatting services where voice facilities are available.

5. Paid Online Dating Service
Free Dating services are more dangerous as they do not take proof of individual like credit card or any other information. While on paid dating services you will find real people ready for Online Dating.

6. First Meeting and Date
If you are planning to meet, the first meeting should be fixed at some public place.Also make sure some of your friends know where you are and with whom. Online Dating can be fun but dangerous too.

7. Memorable First Date
Make your first date more memorable. You can follow some tips for dating on my blog. You can check Dating Tips for Men and Dating Tips for Women.

I hope you will like this tips. I have more coming soon. I f you have tips do leave them in comments i will add them.

Enjoy Online Dating.

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