Monday, August 9, 2010

Dating Tips for Women

In My previous post i wrote dating tips for Men. Women also have to follow some tips. I will list here some basic tips which are important for Women to follow while dating. Following are some tips:
1. Look Good
You should always look good. Tidy hair, light lipstick will make you look gorgeous and you should always be ready and good looking while going on a date. Men love womens looking gorgeous.

2.Be Fit and Perfect Figure
Believe me, guys like woman with good body rather than good mind. Keep yourself fit have some workout at gym. Keeping yourself in perfect figure will help you to find your perfect date anytime. For weight loose guide you can visit Weight Loss Tips

3. Let the Man Pay
On a date in restaurant always allow the guy to make the bill payment.

4. Avoid Talk About Ex
On a date always avoid talking about your ex-boyfriend. Or this may bore your partner and he may think keeping and dumping boyfriend is your hobby.

5. Keep Guy Waiting
Always keep your guy waiting, this will spark the need for you in him. If he says he is free on Monday you keep the date on Wednesday.

6. No Sex on First Date
Dont show you are too desperate to have sex on first date, some guys may like it but others will take it as one night stand and you will have to find new partner to date again.

7. Family Talks
Avoid talking about your family all the time, this will make him feel as you are more interested in family and not in him. Give some details but dont keep on talking about them. Also never say anything bad about the guy family unless you want to dump him.

I hope you all womans out there liked my tips. I will keep on adding more tips. If you have some tips do add in comment.
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  1. Will like to see if some female follow your tips