Thursday, August 5, 2010

Dating Tips for Men

Hi friends here i am once again to bring you more Lucky TipsToday i will be giving some dating tips to Men. Womens dont worry in my next post i will be bringing dating tips for you all.

While dating Mens should follows the following basic Tips

1. Looking Good
You must look at your best. Wear some nice good looking casuals and most important check your shoes. Womens will have a look at your shoes first and then on your clothes. She must feel that you can take good care of yourself.

2. Hair Style and Face
Before date visit your barber and have a decent hair cut or get your hair styled nicely. Have nice and clean shave at saloon as this will make your face glow and look nice.

3. General Knowledge
Have some general knowledge of what is going around. Or you might find yourself in situation where your girlfriend ask you some current affair and you are blank.

4. Manners and Behaviour
Be very polite and give woman respect, they love been treated with respect. Learn some basic habit of treating woman with habit. this will help you in your every date. Avoid smoking if the opposite dont smoke.

5. Listen More Talk Less
Woman likes to chat more so try to listen to what they are saying. Pay adequate attention to what they are saying this will make them feel you are giving them due importance. And you should talk less not stay dumb or you will end up in boring date.

6. Dance
If you are dating woman in a pub or lounge offer her to dance, this will make them feel good and make your date more romantic. As you come more closer while dancing so enjoy dance and get cozier.

7. No Sex on First Date
never think of having sex on first date. If you going with that intention you may end up spoiling her as well as you own date.

8. Drinking Alcohol
Dont try to show that you keep drinking everyday. If you are in pub, lounge or restaurant offer lady drink, mostly woman likes wine. You should not end up having more packs than you normally drink.

9. Drop Her Home
After having a nice time with woman drop her home, this will give her good impression about you and she will love to meet you again.

I hope the above tips help you in your first date. If you have any more tips do leave it in comments.
I will update them. Happy Dating

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  1. why bother to date again if no sex on the first one :-)

  2. @sorebuttcheeks :

    It is upon you for what u are going to date. If going for one night stand than think only abot it. But if you going for relationship always avoid that.

  3. gr8 tips frnd

    I like reading your blog

    gr8 work frnd

  4. Thanks for sharing those tips. I think I'm gonna need them.

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