Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Tips for Conceiving

The advancement in technologies and research studies in modern science is able to bring good news for the couples which were considered infertile in the previous days. Before the discovery of Vitex, Clomid and In Vetro-Fertiliztion the couples who had some trouble in conceiving were left with no other choice. But the things have considerably changed now. The couples who were said to be infertile in the previous dates now can have one or more children of their own with the help of medical treatment.
Apart from the couples who have some fertility problems, there are some couples who are perfectly healthy, trying to conceive and since are unable to do so. The doctor suggests them to try for at least 6 months before switching on to any fertility treatments. There are many couples who are perfectly healthy and just need to do a little more to increase their chances of conception.
Following are some of the herbal tips which a couple can follow before switching on to the expensive and time-consuming medical treatments:

Pre-Seed is the only sperm friendly lubricant available in the market. It works by providing a natural perfect moisturized environment for the sperms to travel. No other lubricants available in the market are sperm friendly.

Soft Cup

Soft cup is an old device that was used by the women instead of using tampons and pads. However the couples who are trying to conceive can successfully use this cup as a barrier for the sperms. It can be used as a shield for protecting the little swimmers out, another way of using this is by depositing the sperm directly into the cup and the inserting them into the vagina.


It is a fertility kit that determines the fertility of both men and woman within the privacy of the room. These test kit are more than 95 % accurate. In men it detects the motility of the sperm and in women it evaluates the presence of FSH hormone.


Charting is an easy way for detecting the ovulation. The right prediction of ovulation helps to make timely intercourse and thus increasing the chances of conception.

Progesterone Cream

Increases the temperature of the body, makes the cervical mucus sperm friendly and support the implantation of fertilized egg.

Fertile focus ovulation microscope
This fertile focus ovulation microscope allows the women to view the apparent changes that are taking place in the saliva thought out the menstrual cycle. Just before the release of eggs from the ovaries, the women’s body has surge of estrogen, this surge can be viewed with help of this particular microscope. A women can use this microscope to detect when this surge come into place in the saliva by using this simple little tool.
As we know the doctors won’t start any treatment unless the couple has tried to conceive at their own for at least 6 months. It is better to try your best in these six months. The above tips can easily take a previously thought infertile couples on the way of becoming parents.

The Article has been taken from Best Pregnancy Tips

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  1. "They help to nourish the child during the early stages of it’s life. Cancer of the breast is a common factor. Regular checkups are essential for early detection and treatment of breast cancer. "

    ----You went from talking about breast feeding to checking for cancer out of no-where.... Quick tip, breast cancer is not usually seen in the young unless they have a BRAC mutation and even then, it is usually seen after their 30s. Plus breastfeeding helps reduce the chances of some breast cancer, particularly estrogen sensitive breast cancer.

    "Men have their part to play too. When they are preparing for the baby, they should have a diet rich in zinc, cut down on their alcohol intake, and stop smoking. Both should eat organic foods. Organic food increases sperm count, and pesticides in inorganic food can pass through the placenta and affect the baby."

    ----Men should eat an oxidizing agents? Maybe it might be good for sperm, I don't know, but what about the ROS it produces body wide? How does smoking affect men's reproductive abilities? Since when does organic food = no pesticides?

    "Stretchy mucous, like egg white is fertile mucous, and means you are just going to ovulate."

    ----Wow.... just wow.... stick to cycle -14 days (+/- 2 days). Ain't no-one got a gyno to check the endometrium every month. Even then, this is all based on a hormonal cycle, that is dependent on FSH, estrogen and LH. Also, what do you mean stretchy mucosa? Lack of a basement membrane? Also, vaginal mucosa is not equivalent to endometrial growth.

    Already gave up reading. Some of this looks like psuedo-science with no citation.