Saturday, July 31, 2010

Tips for Train Travel

Before aeroplanes and bus, trains were most preffered way to travel from one place to another.
While travelling by train you should follow the following tips:
1. Ticket Booking and Reservation
You should select proper agent to book your rail ticket. As in Train when you book ticket you may not be confirmed. You may get waiting list ticket. So keep checking till the travel date whether you are confirmed or not. Thus selecting proper agent will solve your hassle and ticket booking will be easy.

2. Time of Arrival and Departure
You should check the train time of arriving and departure. You should reach the station before time. At times train are late so preferred way to check train schedule is through train 24 hours helpline.

3. Take all Documents
You should always take important documents like identification proof, ticket and if available travel insurance. This will help you in train if there is some problem.

4. Luggage
Like any other travel, it is important you have proper luggage while travelling by train. take less bags if possible. Count your bags when boarding and alighting. Be sure you dont carry restricted items by train.

5. Food
If you are going by long journey train try to carry some health food like fruits etc. Even though the food is served on the train it is preferred to have something with you.

6. Entertainment
You should carry some books, magazines, dvds, or Ipods etc so you dont get bore on long journey. You can be friendly with your fellow passengers, this will make your trip interesting and you will not be bored even in long journey.

7. Follow Safety measures
You can take note of safety measure on train, this will help you if train catches fire or any other calamity. safety instructions should be read carefully while travelling to ensure safe travel.

I will keep updating tips as and when possible. You all are always welcome to suggest your own tips.  Leave your comments and tips.

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