Thursday, July 29, 2010

Tips for Bus Travel

While travelling by Bus you should always remember the following tips

1. Best Deals
Before buying bus ticket always make sure you get the best deal. Try to find available deals for the ticket. This will help you save money, so you can spend more on your trip or personal expenses. There are discounts for students, senior citizens and even military officers. try to get such discounts in advance as booking in advance is always more cheaper than last minute hurry.

2. Reach on Time
While travelling by bus always reach the departure terminal on time try to reach even earlier. If seats are ot assigned and if sets are alloted on first come first serve basis it is always advisable to reach before time. the earlier you reach the more options of seating to choose from.

When travelling by bus, make sure you carry right size and right weight luggage. Also contact bus company about charges if additional luggage is to be carried. This will help you to judge as to carry or leave the additional luggage. Keep valuable items along with you in a security pouch.

4. Seat Selection
While making seat selection plan your need as in bus the back row seats are not reclining. And if you plan to read in night the front seats do not have overhead lights working.
If you plan to get up and down frequently try to choose Aisle seats, this will prevent you from disturbing your fellow passenger. If bus has lavatory attached try to avoid seat near it as it can be very unpleasant.

5. Friendly With Bus Staff
it has been my personal experience that making friendly behaviour with bus driver help you a lot in travel. During the travel it is not possible to talk to driver and also it is not advisable. but you can talk to driver during stops or halt of the bus. This will help you get more information about your trip and make your journey more enjoyable.

6. Note you Bus Number
When the bus take halt, kindly note the place where your bus is parked. Also take note of bus number so you dont get confused. Try to be near to your bus or at such place where you have good sight of bus. This will help you not to miss your bus at the halt.

I hope the above tips will help you plan your bus trip and make it enjoyable.
I will update the tips as and when i find something new. If you have any tip do not forget to comment.

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